Diving deep with Susan Lieu – part I


Today, Americans are to celebrate America. A place where the POTUS separates refugee families, throws them into concentration camps where children obtain drinking water from toilets and are dying from vaccine preventable diseases. This is America. I bring up these social injustices because this is a main pillar within Susan Lieu’s modus operandi. During part one of my interview, which will be published in multiple segments, we touch upon the lack of Asian actors, the domino effect after 140 LBS goes live, the calculating MBA mind, Viet hustle, altruism and social justice, “who am I?”, and the road to performance art.

Listen to Part 1 here.

Btw, if you missed the world premiere of her show, Susan will be doing encore performances in Seattle July 18th-21st before she heads out on her national tour. For more info go here: https://www.susanlieu.me/

Some disclaimers: this was recorded back in the beginning of March, before “Always be my maybe” was out on Netflix; I had to put this in a video format because I would have had to upgrade and pay for premium WordPress services to post audio clips on my blog. Who wants to pay when you can do it for free, right?

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